Books, audiobooks, magazines, music CDs 10ยข per day Max. $3.00
DVDs, videocassettes $1.00 per day Max. $5.00

  • If we have your email address, you will automatically receive a courtesy email 2 days before the items are due.
  • If the item is not returned within 2 weeks after the courtesy notice, you will receive another email to inform you the item is overdue.
  • If an item has not been returned for 28 days, a bill for the replacement cost of the item will be mailed to the address of record on your library card.
  • If materials are lost or damaged, please contact us about replacing them. You will be charged the replacement cost of the lost or damaged item.
  • Once an item is billed and removed from our system, it cannot be returned nor charges reimbursed.

Regretfully, failure to return materials or pay for their replacement will result in a suspension of your library borrowing privileges until the matter is resolved.

Saturday Amnesty Policy (Shirley Library items ONLY)

Overdue Hazen Memorial Library items may be returned to the library on Saturday, and overdue fines will be excused. We are only able to excuse fines on items that belong to the Shirley Library. Overdue items from other C/W Mars Libraries will retain any fine imposed by that library.

Claims Returned Policy

The term "Claims Returned" refers to a situation in which a patron believes they have returned an item that is still checked out on their record. Only the library that owns the item may allow a "Claims Returned" on its own material. Patrons are allowed a maximum of 3 unresolved Claimed Returns. If there are three or more unresolved Claimed Returns, library staff will inform the patron that they are responsible for finding the item or paying for its replacement.