Fax Machine

The library will send a fax for you and can provide you with a cover sheet. Bring your document(s) to the circulation desk and a staff member will assist you. There is no set fee for sending a fax, we ask that you kindly make a donation of your choice for this service.


All public computers are connected to a black and white laser printer located in the public computer area. There is a 15 cent per page charge for printing, which helps to offset the cost of toner and other printing supplies. It is a good idea to do a "print preview" if you are unsure how many pages your document will be, or to select which page(s) you want to print. Double-sided printing is available at 25 cents per page. If you are doing a school assignment, the first five (5) pages will be at no charge. Color printing is not available at this time. Please ask a staff member at the circulation desk to retrieve your printouts for you, and pay for your pages at that time.


There is a public copy machine located near the circulation desk. It makes black and white copies on 8.5 x 11, legal size 8.5 x 14, or ledger size 11 x 17 size paper. It can reduce or enlarge your original, and make double-sided copies. The machine is designed for self-service use. Copies are 15 cents per page for any size paper, payable at the circulation desk. Double sided copies are 25 cents per page.